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Prayer Times
December 20, 2014
Richmond, VA 23235
Adhan Iqama
Fajar 5:46 6:15 AM
Sunrise 7:20 ***
Zuhr 12:12 12:30 PM
Asr 2:37 3:15 PM
Magrib 4:57 ***
Isha 6:28 7:30 PM

Jummah Time:
1st 12:30 PM & 2nd 1:45 PM.

Quran Verse

To the Madyan People (We sent) Shu�ib, one of their own brethren: he said: "O my People! Worship Allah. Ye have no other god but Him. And give not short measure or weight: I see you in prosperity, but I fear for you the Chastisement of a Day that will compass (you) all round. 11:84