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Prayer Times
April 24, 2014
Richmond, VA 23235
Adhan Iqama
Fajar 4:48 5:30 AM
Sunrise 6:23 ***
Zuhr 1:13 1:30 PM
Asr 4:53 5:30 PM
Magrib 7:56 ***
Isha 9:07 9:15 PM

Jumma khutba times:
1st 12:30 PM & 2nd 1:45 PM.

Quran Verse

They will all be marshaled before Allah together: then will the weak say to those who were arrogant, "For us, we but followed you; can ye then avail us to all against the wrath of Allah?" They will reply, "If we had received the Guidance of Allah, we should have given it to you: to us it makes no difference (now) whether we rage, or bear (these torments) with patience: for ourselves there is no way of escape." 14:21